The Networking Roundtable
Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday - 6:30 PM

Helping people connect!

What is Career Networking?

Career Networking is the development of contacts and the exchange of information with other people for purposes of expanding one's career opportunities or information. Networking is tapping into your connections for helpful information or advice. If done successfully, networking can be the most effective career exploration and job search tool. In fact, most jobs are found through networking!

Here’s a fact - Your next job will likely come from someone you have yet to meet!

The people you already know would have told you about a job if they knew of one. This underscores the importance of building and maintaining a broad network. Who knows - that person you are about to meet may have the information that you need to land your next job/position.

What to expect when you attend the Networking Roundtable.

The purpose of the Networking Roundtable is to help people in their job search by giving them the tools to build and expand their network. Besides receiving valuable networking tools and advice, you may receive assistance with resume preparation, interviewing or benefit from other job-search tools that are presented to the group. There is a limited amount of individual coaching that can be arranged as well.

You also will have the opportunity to meet other job-seekers who will share information, leads and contacts with you. This is a critical part of the networking process. So make plans to attend and take advantage of the tremendous resources that are available to you. 

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Meeting Location

The Networking Roundtable (also known as the TNRG-CT Group) meets at:

Southwest Tennessee Community College - Macon Cove Campus

5983 Macon Cove

Memphis, TN  38134

Check the Schedule of Events page for the current meeting location on the campus of Southwest Tennessee Community College. 

Learn about the Networking Roundtable facilitator, Paul A. Phillips

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